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St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble. Concerts

Dear friends and colleges!


The St. Petersburg V. Andreev Music School and the international competition laureate - the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble offer one- or two-days traveling seminars which include lectures on the school original methodology, concerts, masterclasses, workshops, video- and audio-lectures (listening to the best and historical records of the performance on the bayan and the accordion produced by the soloists of the ensemble), presentation of notes and audio-production, traveling trade of notes.

This unique information is actual for all workers of the administration of culture, teachers of music schools and other establishments of musical education, teams of methodologists and concert organizations; it has been collected and published by the group of teachers of the St. Petersburg V. Andreev Music School and the soloists of the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble.

As a result of the seminar teachers should receive this unique information, and children become interested in music classes.


Since 1976 director of the St. Petersburg V. Andreev Music School, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Yury Ya. Likhachov, teachers and pupils of the school gave a lectures about unique original methodology in cities all over the country of Russia and Baltic Countries. There were cities: Arkhangelsk, Volgograd, Voronezh, Kirov, Kogalym, Petrozavodsk, Murmansk, Noyabrsk, Rybinsk, Severomorsk, Tver', Ulyanovsk, Chelyabinsk, Yaroslavl', Klaypeda and Palanga (Lithuania), Limbazi (Latvia), Tartu (Estonia).

About 100 teachers, school administrators and methodologists from different regions of Russia came to St. Petersburg to master this method. They attended classes, tests, read methodical literature, and creations of students.

The application of the method gives excellent results, children are interested in studying.

At present soloists of the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble Sergei Likhachov (also educated by this methodology) and Vladimir Ushakov very often organize such a lectures.

The so-called "Exemplary Plans for Teaching" published by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation for the year 2001 have proved that the method is the burning issue of the day. The special attention in the "Plans" is given to the matter of students' performance of music.

Main topics of the lectures:
  • "Problems and Perspectives of the Development of Elementary Musical Education Implied to the "Exemplary Plans for Teaching" of the Ministry of Culture for the Year 2001, Requirements of the "Study Programs" and the Experience of the Pedagogical Group of the St. Petersburg V. Andreev Music School in the Course of 30 Years".
  • "History of the Origins and the Development of the Accordion and that of the Variety Genre of the Performance on the Accordion in Russia and Abroad". The material for this scientific direction has been collected by the soloists of the ensemble for many years, and now it represents quite a broad database which includes - apart from Russian encyclopedic and methodical literature - quite rare foreign literature on this subject.
  • A large collection of audio-records which increases constantly gives an opportunity to produce lectures and seminars on the topic "Accordion at the modern audio-production market"; the best samples being used.
  • "Accordion competitions and festivals in Russia and abroad" (video-record).
  • "Russian and Foreign Periodicals on the Accordion".
  • "Accordion and the Internet".
  • Presentation of new notes published by St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble.
  • "Woman and the Accordion".

The soloists of the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble and the Baltic International Accordion Quintet Vladimir Ushakov, Sergei Likhatchov and Svetlana Stavitskaya gave lectures and reported on these topics at different festivals, seminars and competitions in the following cities: Daugavpils and Limbazi (Latvia), Palanga and Klaypeda (Lithuania), Tartu (Estonia), St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Severomorsk, Kogalym (Russia) and in the cities of Denmark and England.

In April 18th-20th, 2003, the "Music in the Temple of Muses" festival took place in the city of Kargopole (in the district of Arkhangelsk, Russia). The soloists of the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble gave a two-hour concert and held a practical seminar on the matters of the variety genre of the performance on the accordion.


In 1999 the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble became the laureate of the international competition - it won the first prize at the prestigious competition CITTA' DI CASTELFIDARDO (Italy) for the performance of the variety genre of music.

Concerts are given both by a full collective (three accordions, the piano, the guitar, the bass-guitar, the percussion) and in a more mobile acoustic version - that of the trio: Vladimir Ushakov (accordion, piano), Sergei Likhachov (button accordion) and Svetlana Stavitskaya (accordion).

In the repertoire of the ensemble there is mainly the music of the variety genre of the accordion music: the French musette, swing, the German accordion music, recital music, compositions by Astor Piazzola, arrangements of the "evergreen melodies" made by the ensemble. The collective gives concerts playing on different instruments, cooperates with vocalists who work in various styles.

The ensemble often performs abroad, the soloists went on tours to the following countries: France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara, Gibraltar, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the United States, Great Britain. The ensemble is a constant participant of TV and radio programs in Russia and abroad.

The St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble also organizes "Meetings of the Friends on the Neva riversides" concert series.


Since 1998 the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble in cooperation with the famous "Composer" (former "Soviet Composer") music publishing house has been accomplishing the "S. P. M. E. Editions" publishing program. This program is aimed at publishing notes mainly for the accordion. A considerable number of note editions have been published as a result of many years of hard work. The materials represented in the volumes of collected notes differs in ages (from young musicians up to professional concert artists), in instruments (from solo to an orchestra), and themes (from polyphonic pieces and those of an academic genre to jazz compositions).

Audio- and Video-production

The soloists of the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble and the Baltic International Quintet of Accordionists V. Ushakov, S. Stavitskaya and S. Likachov have prepared and published audio-tapes and video-tapes with unique records.

There is a full catalog of notes and other sorts of production:

Sheet music for accordion

Sergei Likhachov. St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble

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