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St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble. Catalogue

Main parts of publishing and producing programs of St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble:

1. "S. P. M. E. Editions". Since 1998 St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble, in co-operation with the Compozitor Publishing House, St. Petersburg, has created a publishing program for accordion. There is music for soloists, ensembles and orchestras, as well as music for different levels of players and in many styles.

2. "Musical creative activity of teachers and children from the St. Petersburg V. V. Andreev Music School". Methods and music books, all of which are the result of original methodology used (with great success) in the school for longer than 30 years.

3. Audio and Video. Recordings, produced by St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble, and videotapes of concerts from the series "Meetings of the Friends on the Neva Riversides".

Catalogue of Video Production

Sheet music for accordion

Sergei Likhachov. St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble

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